Harvest Leans In

Along with Harvest Meats’ long-time commitment to quality, we are dedicated to building and supporting communities. Harvest Leans In is our way of giving back and helping.

At Harvest Meats, we believe in the power of giving back to our communities. That’s why we’ve launched Harvest Leans In to make a positive impact on those in need. We understand that access to nutritious food is essential for everyone, and through our initiative, we aim to address food insecurity while reducing food waste.

Community Impact: By donating food through Harvest Leans In, we directly contribute to supporting families and individuals facing food insecurity in our community. Working together with community organizations and charities, we can make a meaningful difference in peoples’ lives. Harvest Leans In donated nearly 30,000 pounds of quality food in 2023.

Reducing Food Waste: We’re committed to sustainability. Donating surplus food items helps minimize waste and promotes environmental conservation. It’s a win-win for our planet and those in need.

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